The 75 Club @ the Bogardus Mansion

by gloria

It is quite an undertaking to establish a new venue for Jazz in an unfamiliar neighborhood. That’s exactly what is happening in TriBeCa at 75 Murray Street. George Aprile, the owner of the Bogardus Mansion, has long been a Jazz enthusiast, and has supported the music in various ways for years. It was he who assisted Patti Bown (1931-2008) near the end of her life, and who provided special taped Clifford Jordan music to Sandy Jordan. He has hosted events in his space, from private gatherings to the JFA Miles Davis stamp event, a memorial celebration for the life of our “Queen of the Hudson,” Dorismarie Welcher, to special performances by the Wilbur Ware Institute, notably 2017-2018.


Now he has turned the lower level space into a Jazz Club: Wilbur’s Warehouse @ the Bogardus Mansion may have special events there; and The  75 Club (the name of the venue) has regular events. There are several moving parts, however, and all must be coordinated to become one smoothly operating space.


First and most important, the venue must continue to be advertised throughout the neighborhood and beyond. One clear message in the U.S.A. is that advertisements are vital. American society is inundated with and built on ads; most are repetitive ad nauseum, constant and ubiquitous; they are part and parcel of Western capitalism in America. In the case of The 75 Club, special thanks  goes to Laurence Donohue-Greene of The New York City Jazz Record and Gwen Kelley at Hot House Jazz Guide, among others for helping to get the word out. But more is needed! Debra Kinzler can assist, and we trust George Aprile will accept her ideas.


The musicians also have suggestions, and many master musicians have performed there in support of the space! On Sunday, July 1, Barry Harris filled the Club to overflowing in honor of Richard Wyands’ 90th Birthday (July 2).


The Wilbur Ware Institute presented Reggie Workman’s Quintet April 2018 (and December 2017); these were very successful performances.


So we are requesting that everyone get the word out!



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