About Our Institute

The Wilbur Ware Institute is dedicated to preserving the history of jazz as seen and experienced by the innovators and master musicians who created, perform, and perpetuate the art form. We strive to enhance audience appreciation, inspire youngsters who are familiar with the music and reach others who may not know about jazz, as we also engage lifelong enthusiasts. We will utilize jazz masters in all our year-round activities as we seek to create additional performance opportunities, seminars, workshops, and other educational opportunities suggested by the musicians at home and around the world.

We are also concerned with the musicians themselves as we seek appropriate compensation and benefits for their well-being. Our capital fund will be established for the express purpose of providing an edifice designed to meet their needs for practice, rehearsals, recording, housing, and performance, as well as referral guides for social services, holistic health and wellness, as well as their legal and financial needs.

Our mentoring program will include pairing master musicians with novices and providing free services to underserved, inner-city youth with low or limited incomes. Those able to pay will do so on a sliding scale according to their ability.
We will seek greater national exposure and international exposure within mainstream and popular culture for these music masters, using whatever technology and techniques prove effective.

We also seek to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations with similar goals that work for the recognition and perpetuation of this music.