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We were delighted to celebrate SLIDE AT 85 at George Aprile’s Bogardus Mansion on April 1. Last month, we posted on our FB page and Twitter to thank everybody who made it successful. Even though we could not notify everyone well in advance, especially those who continuously honor and celebrate Slide Hampton, he assembled a wonderful group of musicians enjoyed by all: Kamau Adilifu, Kenny Barron, George Coleman, Victor Lewis, Rufus Reid, Steve Turre (Steve Davis had to leave early and Peter Lin took his place). Many appreciative fans and other musicians were also in the audience, Jimmy Owens and Kiane Zawadi, among others. This would not have been possible without  Douglas Purviance, Janice Robinson, Neti Brant, and many friends for their inspiration and assistance. As usual, Carole and Jill Williams, Clifton and Kim, other volunteers, and our diligent officers as well as Board Members assisted; in addition, Adrienne Harrison arrived from Chicago, and her help proved invaluable. Tony Hewitt and others worked with George Aprile to ensure venue success. We now have raw video (and one edited set) from Craig Marsden and photos from Richard Conde that we will add to the website. Please visit our YouTube channel also. Our presentation to Slide, a brass, engraved music stand, is one of only five in our history: The first in the 1980s was presented by Melba Liston to Budd Johnson, our second to Board Member, the late Bob Cranshaw, and the third to Jimmy Heath in honor of his 90th Birthday, then Slide Hampton, and finally Louis Hayes (see below).

Photo by Richard Conde: George Coleman, Neti Brant, and Slide Hampton

Louis Hayes celebrated his 80th Birthday at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola on May 29-31, releasing his new CD celebrating Horace Silver. The details of the event are published in the May 2017 issue (181) of The New York City Jazz Record.

Jimmy Owens was at Dizzy’s to present our gift to Louis, and many Board members were also present to participate and sign our card for the occasion, including Pat Vingo, Sandy Jordan, George Aprile, Dezron Douglas (co-producer of the CD) and Brandee Younger. Berta Alloway also signed the card. Thanks to Paula  (Williams) Morris for this photo. She is pointing to Jimmy Owens giving Louis his gift.

After we spoke with Louis, his wife Nisha Hayes sent a wonderful email that we deeply appreciate.

For information on Louis, please visit:

Gray Matters (Retired Executives) met with us again last month. Two of its members, Barbara Trelstad and Arnold Adlin, arrived, along with Sandy Jordan, Gloria Ware, and Pat Vingo.  They are willing to assist as we seek funding, especially major corporate and private funders. Arnold became familiar with our organization, and Barbara also suggested spaces for small events.  Sandy continues to work on ideas for our LOGO. Let us know what you think; and if you have additional ideas, please submit them for her consideration. Some of her ideas are:


MORE ABOUT GRAY MATTERS: Ed Sermier agreed to assist us with QuickBooks for our finances. We appreciate Ed, and we will need office help as we move forward. We are also in need of student volunteers as well as additional Board Members who can provide information, contacts, and finances. Gray Matters previously suggested that each Board member recommend ten others who are willing to donate for our mission. We are not naïve, however, and realize what an incredible challenge we face. We thank those of you who routinely donate and encourage our efforts; your names remain here on the website. If you have not already done so, please send a generous donation to the organization. You may donate here via PayPal by using the DONATE button, or simply mail a check.

  • We are grateful to George Aprile for Bogardus Mansion for SLIDE AT 85. We are planning another LATIN/JAZZ event there in early September featuring big George Coleman as we continue celebrating the Centennials of Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie in October.  The larger music community has been celebrating Ella Fitzgerald/Gillespie/Monk Centennials all year! Even though we were unable to join Vernard Gray’s efforts in the Baltimore/DC area,  we appreciate his presentation to our Board.
  • As you now know, Bogardus Mansion is very near BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College), and is readily accessible to public transportation at 75 Murray Street. Please call or email with your ideas as soon as possible.


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Gloria with Kenny Barron

Slide Hampton with Peter Lin

Slide Hampton and Steve Davis enjoying a moment at rehearsal.

Our final flier announcement for SLIDE at 85! Thanks Sandy for your usual excellent work!


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